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Do you know how many people per night stay at Okaloosa County cold shelter?

Okaloosa County cold night shelters average about 100 people per night, and most of those are families/grandmothers, not the “guys on the street.”

Do you know how many of our local homeless are veterans?

Approximately 14% of the homeless in Okaloosa County are veterans.

Do you know how many homeless families there are in Okaloosa County?

There were a total of 176 households counted as homeless in January 2015. 110 of these households contained minor children; 31 households were youth not accompanied by an adult.

Do you know how many students in Okaloosa County live below the poverty line?

22% of Okaloosa County students live below the poverty line, while 533 are actually classified as homeless.

Is the number of homeless in Florida higher than surrounding States?

Yes. According to the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness:

As of January 2020, Florida has the third-largest homeless population in the United States at 27,487:

  • 12,672 were unsheltered
  • 14,815 were sheltered
How can a homeless person get help at One Hopeful Place?

Call us for help: 850-586-7879

We provide care for those experiencing homelessness in Okaloosa County with these services:

  • Day Program
  • Health Screenings
  • Car Park for individuals who live in their vehicles and need a safe place to park at night
  • Cold Weather Shelter for extreme temps
  • Transportation Services for appointments
  • Men’s Shelter
  • Women’s Shelter


Logo for the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness

Florida Homelessness Statistics

Total Homeless Population: 27,487

Total Family Households: 2,294

Veterans: 2,436

Unaccompanied Young Adults (Aged 18-24): 1,331

Persons Experiencing Chronic Homelessness: 5,182

Map showing Florida as highest total for homeless in SE United States of America by USICH

When most people think of the homeless, a middle-aged man comes to mind. That’s not always the case. According to the 2022 Okaloosa County Community Health Report, homelessness can happen to anyone in varying stages of life.

  • Males 62% 62%
  • Children 19% 19%
  • Mentally Ill 13% 13%
  • Veterans 10% 10%
  • Domestic Violence Survivors 6% 6%

 Additional Resources for Help

Our sponsors also provide aid to the homeless from medical care to mini free food pantries in neighborhoods.

Logo for Bridgeway Center

Behavioral Wellness Clinic

Bridgeway Center’s Behavioral Wellness Clinic offers outpatient psychiatric assessments, medication monitoring, and shot clinic services to the indigent as well as insured individuals.

For further information or to schedule an appointment, call: 850-833-7500

Logo for United Way Emerald Coast

United Way Emerald Coast Connects People and Resources

We know that anyone can fall on hard times.  That’s why we partner with local organizations so you can confidentially connect to community resources. 

United Way Emerald Coast has information on additional help such as Panhandle 211, Florida Veterans Support Line, and SingleCare.