One Hopeful Place is dedicated to ending homelessness in Okaloosa County. We provide
emergency shelter, case management, job placement, mental and physical healthcare. Over the
last two years we have assisted 130 residents with a success rate of 60% no longer living on the

The services we provide are needed now more than ever. Outside of just the residency program,
we provide countless showers, loads of laundry, and sacked lunches to those in need who are still
living on the streets. In the face of this current crisis, these services have now become vital in
fighting the pandemic we are facing as a nation and as a world.

Without community support, we can not continue these services. But we must continue them.
We are calling on everyone to do what they can to help us continue and expand these life saving
measures for some of our community’s most vulnerable citizens. We need your support now
more than ever! Please donate today at: or

Pamela Sparks
Community Director