One Hopeful Place

One Hopeful Place – Fill the Haven’s Pantry Grocery Drive

Deliveries accepted at 1564 Percy L. Coleman Road, Fort Walton Beach
Monday -Friday – 8am – 3pm

Food Drive Fort Walton

One Hopeful Place is happy to be opening our doors at the first building of One Hopeful Place. It will affectionately be named “The Haven“.

The Haven will offer shelter, limited meal services, and life-skills-counseling to the (maximum 10) men who are residents, for up to 180 days. Our staff will provide assistance with obtaining valuable employment in order to help these men become stable in housing, thus enriching their own lives.

The Haven will also provide the much needed resources for Okaloosa County’s homeless population to connect them with valuable resources in one location.

The Haven will also provide the homeless in our area with the ability to shower, and wash and dry their clothing.

The Haven will serve as Okaloosa County’s main Cold Night Shelter, offering cold night shelter to men and women during the winter months when temperatures fall below 40 degrees. It will also provide shelter when temperatures rise above 100 degrees in the summer months.

These are some of the basic pantry staples that will provide nutrition
to some VERY thankful men from our own community:

Oranges – Apples – Bananas – Lettuce – Tomatoes – Celery – Cucumbers – Potatoes
Milk – Cheese – Eggs – Cottage Cheese – Sour cream – Yogurt
Frozen Dinners – Frozen Burritos
Ham – Lunch Meat
Juice – Coffee – Tea – Water
Noodles – Macaroni & Cheese – Rice – Canned Soup – Ramen Noodles – Dry Mix Soup
Bread – Bagels – Muffins – Cake
Potato chips – Pretzels
Paper Products – Toiletries – Garbage Bags

Deliveries accepted at 1564 Percy L. Coleman Road, Fort Walton Beach
Monday -Friday – 8am – 3pm

If you would like to volunteer at The Haven please call 850-586- 78791

 Volunteers are needed at this time to assist with transportation, security, and meal pick up and delivery in the evenings.