One Hopeful Place

OHP Sleep Out

In an effort to bring awareness to this county wide issue, and kick off the fund raising campaign for the 8 acre One Hopeful Place Community Solution, we invited all interested citizens, business leaders, and anyone with a caring heart wanting to make a difference in our Community, to experience what it is like to not have a home to go at night.

Arriving at the First Baptist Church grounds with only the clothes on their back they were issued a piece of cardboard.

 December 3-4, 2015
Event Hours: 7PM-7AM

There was no cost to participate, however if Sleepers wished to have comfort items, they had to secure contributions and pledges by December 1, 2015.

Comfort Items:
$25 Cot provided
$50 Sleeping bag/blanket (you provide)
$75 Tarp/Cardboard box provided
$100 Sleep in YOUR car
Late arrivals: $25 per hour from 7-10PM